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4 Pearce Street

  • Client: EZ Trade 521 CC
  • The team: Architects: Imbono FJA Architects, Contractor: Monobulewa Construction, Quantity Surveyors: PLM Sureyors, Structural/ Civil Engineers: Sinakho Consulting, Mechanical/Electrical Engineers: Evans Consulting
  • The scope of work: This building was to be a green building with a low carbon footprint. It was designed to be a multi-tenanted building where space optimization and aesthetic was of particular importance.
  • Interesting Facts: The green aspects range from; Office layout positioned to maximize natural light. Motion sensors and LED light fittings were incorporated to minimize electricity costs. Sun screening to external openings to allow shading in summer but light penetration during the winter. Low maintenance materials. VRV Air conditioning system to ensure low energy cost. Water harvesting to be used for servicing sanitary fittings.