Taryn White on 2nd May 2019

Baakens Valley pedestrian bridge

(The Herald) Imbono Architects are are excited to be part of this project. The construction of Port Elizabeth’s highly anticipated pedestrian bridge in the Baakens Valley is underway. Click link below for the PE Express article: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Local/PE-Express/construction-underway-on-baakens-valley-bridge-20190225?fbclid=IwAR2T5mvPNbiFcrnSh0x_b7BpS8lA4WGMumFUhoja98JJcXuD-oDTO0brWik  ...
Taryn White on 10th August 2018

Imbono Architects in Pro Landscaper Magazine

South Africa’s new Product Testing Institute is a far cry from what we expect in a laboratory type setting. What we have come to know as a sterile, cold and artificially lit environment has been turned on its head, to deliberately defy design notions. The Product Testing Institute’s campus is...
Taryn White on 22nd June 2018

R8m Multi-purpose & Recreational Park

(PE EXpress article) IMBONO ARCHITECTS are excited to announce that work has commenced in the heart of Schauderville… Click below to read full article https://www.netwerk24.com/ZA/PE-Express/r8m-park-for-schauderville-20180618-4...
Taryn White on 6th June 2018

Imbono Architects in Earthworks magazine

The Product Testing Institute (PTI) is designed to facilitate research and innovation in product life cycle and recycling, with a particular focus on the tyre industry. The PTI earned a Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) 6 Star Green Star SA rating under the Public and Education Buildings rating tool … Click...